This technique highlights the logo with elegance, the logo being embroidered on the surface of the item. Embroidery can be made on plain surfaces (clothing) or uneven surfaces like hats, backpacks, bags, etc.


Depending on the item and on the frame size *, there are a few maximum embroidery sizes (see the side image).

  • The minimum letter size is 5 mm high;
  • The line thickness must be at least 1 mm thickness;
  • The gradients are not possible.

For this technique the Pantone colors become Madeira Polyneon colors depending on the threads supplier’s catalogue. The vibrant colors, the silky thread and its resistance to chlorine, makes the Polyneon thread ideal for embroidery on uniforms, safety clothing and commercial linens.

Special techniques

  • Embossed – embossed embroidery, used to create monograms, is applied especially on towels, blankets and wool jackets.
  • Puff 3D – 3D puff embroidery uses a special foam under the stitches to achieve an extreme tridimensional effect. The foam coms in a variety of widths and colors to fit the items and the threads color. 3D puff embroidery works best for capital rounded letters. The logo for the puff embroidery must have rounded corners so the threads can cover completely the foam.
  • Patch – the patches can be sawn or stuck on the chosen material.

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